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FlowGuard Gold plumbing systems offer a highly cost-effective alternative. Material costs are stable and labor costs are lower thanks to the system’s fast and easy installation process. And since CPVC has little scrap value, job site thefts are also minimized.

In addition to economics, the true value of a FlowGuard Gold system is found in its superior performance. Immune to the effects of corrosion, pitting and scaling, FlowGuard Gold pipe and fittings offer long-term, reliable and low-maintenance performance. Strong solvent cement welded joints provide added reliability. And there’s peace of mind in knowing that a FlowGuard Gold system offers higher impact strength, denoted by its high cell class rating.

CPVC pipe and fittings, such as those used in FlowGuard Gold? CPVC plumbing systems, offer a number of benefits over metallic systems. Primarily, they will never pit, scale or corrode, which eliminates the risk of premature failures and costly re-piping, in addition to possible property damage.

FlowGuard Gold CPVC systems are also highly energy efficient with natural insulating properties that keep hot water hotter and cold water colder than metallic systems. In addition, condensation, which is a common problem with metallic pipes that can cause drip damages to walls and foundation, is virtually eliminated.

As water quality becomes a more high-profile concern in this country, CPVC piping gains additional marks for its ability to maintain water quality. There is no leaching or metal contamination into the water supply, so there are no related health concerns. And without pitting or corrosion, CPVC systems are able to maintain full water carrying capacity throughout their entire life. If you’ve ever had the opportunity to look inside a piece of old copper pipe, you’ve probably seen a thick layer of hard minerals that have formed. These minerals can dramatically reduce the diameter of the pipe, which reduces water flow and water pressure, and can inhibit the efficiency of many water-using appliances. Eventually, homeowners afflicted with corroded pipes will be forced to completely repipe their home at an average cost of $6,000 per repipe.

Through the years, many homeowners have come to accept water hammer (or banging pipes) in their home, which is typical of traditional metallic systems. CPVC systems, on the other hand, resist water hammer. In addition, they minimize water flow noise, which has been proven by outside testing laboratories to be four times louder in copper pipes.

Although CPVC systems are most often used in new construction, they are also compatible with other plumbing systems for use in home remodeling projects, the addition of a guest bathroom, or the replacement of a failed copper system.

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