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  • Environmental protection policy

    We are committed to becoming an environmentally friendly enterprise, introducing the concept of recycling production and resource reuse into production and operation. Through comprehensive control of waste recycling and pollutant emissions, we are continuing to move towards a future that combines low carbon and environmental protection.

  • We are in action

    We carry out poverty alleviation activities with the purpose of "really poverty alleviation, true poverty alleviation", and implement the "Love Help Foundation" program to encourage employees to actively participate in "Love Donations" activities. We have set up a special activity called "Golden Autumn Aid" to provide subsidies for their children's education for employees and families in difficulties.

  • Employee protection measures

    We have established an attractive salary and welfare system, regularly inspect the salary levels of employees at all levels, and strive to establish a fair, reasonable and highly competitive salary system. In addition, we abide by labor standards, safeguard the rights and interests of employees, comply with and abide by the relevant management regulations and codes in the places where we operate, including international human rights and labor standards, promise to protect labor rights, eliminate any form of forced labor, and resolutely resist the use of child labor. We send charity to many employees who have difficulties in work and life, and build a long-term mechanism in life, education assistance, medical care and other aspects to create a good atmosphere of mutual love and mutual assistance.